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Weight loss 60 gummies

Weight loss 60 gummies

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Eafit Weight Control 60 Gummies is a food supplement based on plants and Chromium.

  • Fucus helps to increase satiety,
  • Kola nut helps to support slimming,
  • Chromium helps to maintain normal blood sugar.

Apple flavour.

Sugar free.



  1. Fucus: Fucus is a type of seaweed that contains fiber, which can help increase the feeling of fullness or satiety after eating. By promoting satiety, fucus may help reduce overall calorie intake, which could potentially support weight management efforts.

  2. Kola Nut: Kola nut is a seed derived from the kola tree and contains caffeine, theobromine, and other compounds that may have stimulant effects. Some research suggests that kola nut may help support weight loss by boosting metabolism and suppressing appetite.

  3. Chromium: Chromium is a mineral that plays a role in insulin function and glucose metabolism. By helping to maintain normal blood sugar levels, chromium may contribute to overall metabolic health and potentially aid in weight management by reducing cravings and stabilizing energy levels.

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