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Royal Jelly 1000mg - 20 Phials

Royal Jelly 1000mg - 20 Phials

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Forté Pharma Forté Royal Jelly 1000mg 20 Phials has been specially formulated to provide a boost to your organism.

Its complete formula with dye free, sweetener free and preservative free makes of Royal Jelly 1 000mg a food supplement of quality, 100% of natural origin. From Premium Selection, this royal jelly is titled at 1,4% minimum in 10-HDA. This food supplement become the ideal partner of your days.

Royal Jelly is the result of a savant alchemy between bee work and plant world. Produced by the bees, it is a nutritive and energetic concentrate. Known under the name of " bees milk", royal jelly s intended to nourish the queen bee, offering it an incredible longevity.

Pesticide free, preservative free, chemical ingredient free, antibiotic free, in accordance with the regulations.

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