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My Salah Mat

My Salah Mat

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My Salah Mat (now also in Norwegian) is a Kids Prayer mat designed to teach children how to perform the Muslim prayer in a fun way. The interactive bean mat is touch sensitive and has pre-recorded keys that can be touched to reveal the sound, such as prayer times, how to make wudu, recite suras, say duas and much more.

It can teach children about the different times of salah and the different body movements and positions, and what to say during them. To make the learning process easy, My Salah Mat will guide the user through two salah razors in an easy-to-understand format.

Free activity booklet to a value of NOK 120.67

Booklet for parents on how to start teaching

Illustrated Handbook - Very detailed

Quran recitation from a qualified (Qari) with Ijazah.

Important : If a product is a pre-order (forhåndsbestilling) then it might take 7-14 days for us to provide it for you. Please note this before you order a pre-order product :)
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