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Five minute Black Hair Shampoo - Sachets

Five minute Black Hair Shampoo - Sachets

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HERBAL 100% natural plant treatment

SEVICH new Noni plant dye formula, 100% natural black hair color, which gives users a completely different experience of hair coloring. Special plant essence and packaging technology can meet people who are unhappy with the gray and white hair, do not have to go to the hair salon and can operate at home. Noni, a plant formula of argan oil, helps to take care of the hair and protect the scalp.


1. Put on the gloves.

2. Push out the ingredients from bottIe please make sure two kind of ingredients get out from mouth together.

3. Mixing two ingredients on the palm.

4. Apply the ingredients on white (grey) hair, massage the hair same with normal shampoo using.

5. After 5-10 minutes (based on man or women long hair), then wash hair with clear water.


1. Perform a skin allergy test before coloring.After 48 hours if you don't feel discomfort, then use the solution.

2. Avoid contact with the products with the eyes. If you stick to it, do not knead, rinse with water.

3. Do not use this product to color your eyebrows and eyelashes.

4. Children, avoid contact with the product. Do not use if pregnant

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