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Brown coffee shampoo - 10 pack

Brown coffee shampoo - 10 pack

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With natural ingredients, SEVICH hair color shampoo, The main ingredients are made from fruit juice, ginseng root. Refreshing the hair color you like at the same time can fill the nutritional hair needs. Repair damaged hair and shine it again.

Change your dull hair but not the scalp, just 15 minutes, regain your youthful confidence. Last 30 days and thicken your hair color. The effect of changing the hair color is caused by plant composition.

Very easy to use, just like regular hair care. Bring disposable gloves. If you have long thick hair, you can use 2 bags of shampoo.

SEVICH hair care, best friend in your life - Wash your hair before using this product. It works best when you keep your hair moist and evenly covered with shampoo. Massage the scalp properly. Wait 15 minutes and you will see the results.

SEVICH's care - If you encounter a quality problem, please contact us immediately. We have 24-hour customer service to deal with your problem. This product may contain allergic ingredients. Be sure to read the ingredient list before using. if there is any undiagnosed allergic reaction during use, stop using it immediately, consult your doctor.

Important : If a product is a pre-order (forhåndsbestilling) then it might take 7-14 days for us to provide it for you. Please note this before you order a pre-order product :)
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