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Bodyguard Knock Out - Defense spray

Bodyguard Knock Out - Defense spray

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Much longer range, now up to 4 meters!

- Perfectly balanced gel that gives the longest possible range and the least possible wind sensitivity.

- Higher pressure which gives more effect with better valve and nozzle.

- The most powerful legal formula on the market - blinds the attacker to the maximum.

Through a gel-like substance, you get "heavier drops", and with the right amount of gel in relation to the mouthpiece, this gives maximum range, at the same time as the heavier drops become less sensitive to wind. The gel also creates greater discomfort for the attacker through the fact that it attaches better and stays stuck longer.

The spray has a blinding effect and causes severe burning in the eyes and on the face where it hits. A highly concentrated special ingredient creates a terrible discomfort. Puts the perpetrator temporarily out of play, so that you can get to safety and prevent assaults, robberies, assaults, etc.

The lid is cleverly designed to avoid accidental spraying in the bag or pocket and makes it easier to spray in the right direction in a sharp position in a stressful situation. Easy to use, lift the lid - in an upright position it then acts as a sight. Loop for attaching a wrist / neck strap or similar (purchased separately).

Does not contain pepper extract (oleoresin capsicum) and is therefore completely legal in Norway.

Important : If a product is a pre-order (forhåndsbestilling) then it might take 7-14 days for us to provide it for you. Please note this before you order a pre-order product :)
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