Maroccan black soap with eucalyptus (250g)

Maroccan black soap with eucalyptus (250g)

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This traditional soap from the Middle East will purify and deeply exfoliate your skin. The base of the soap are olives that we have handpicked, then mashed and mixed with salt and potassium. This magical mixture results in the renewal of the skin, leaving it fresh and clean with a scent of eucalyptus. Not to be used on a daily basis. Use once a week. Can be used on body and face. Avoid the areas around the eyes and intimate parts ! It's all about the glow!



Traditional soap from plant extracts. Prepared from crushed olives macerated in salt and potash pleasant for the skin and face. Purifying, cleansing without irritation, rich in regenerating vitamin E prepares the skin for the exfoliation of dead cells, leaving it soft and hydrated, eliminating all impurities and dead skin. Prepared on the basis of crushed olives and eucalyptus essence.

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