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Fractionated Coconut oil for hair and skin (150ml)

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Fractured coconut oil is odorless. There are many benefits to using fractionated coconut oil (FCO):

- Quick and easy way to dilute essential oils for topical application.

- FCO is stable at all temperatures and environments, so it won't spoil your oils.

- Does not leave a greasy residue, it is easily absorbed into the skin

- Has no odor, therefore it will not change the aromatic properties of essential oils.

- It is always in liquid form, which makes it excellent for pairing with essential oils.

- FCO is colorless so it does not stain your clothes or other things.

- Has long shelf life, which is great because many carrier oils get pretty rancid.

- Allows essential oils to go further by requiring smaller drops for topical application, this will save you money.

- FCO provides a soothing skin barrier without clogging the pores. This is excellent for dry or restless skin.

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