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Blue Hair Serum (125ml)

kr 250.00

Blue Serum also provides a powerful blend of vitamins, natural extracts. By addressing the hair's nutritional needs effectively, Hair Energizer Serum helps to revitalize the scalp and nourish weak hair. Add a more voluminous and youthful look to your hair in as little as a week of use.

Dermaderm hair-strengthening blue serum is produced using vitamins and minerals. It nourishes and gives new life to the hair from root to tip. It makes the hair vibrant and strong. It prolongs the life of the hair. It adds volume to the hair. It provides the necessary vitamin, mineral and protein support to the hair follicles that are discarded due to poor feeding habits. It delays spillage and helps prevent it. The blow dryer treats damaged hair due to coloring and opening processes, protects the hair from loss by breaking and breaking. It has a mesotherapy effect on the hair. It is made from 100% vegetable ingredients.

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