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Orange Flower Honey (250g)

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Did you know that orange flower honey is beautiful in yogurt and porridge, among other things? Each spring, before the flowers on the orange trees open, the hive is placed among the orange groves along the Spanish Mediterranean coast. The bees do an incredibly important job of pollinating the flowers of the orange tree, which then grows to become tasty oranges. Of the nectar from the orange flower the bees bring back to the hive, the heavenly honey is made. Enjoy our exquisite Orange Flower Honey which is real natural honey that is sweet and rich in floral aroma. Great for dessert, cheese and nuts and is delicious for both porridge and yogurt. Our honey is raw and not heat treated. In this way you get with it its enzymes, vitamins and pollen, which is a natural component of the honey.

TASTE: Sweet and very aromatic. Light honey


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