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Sunburst hair nourishing liquid

Sunburst hair nourishing liquid

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  • The hair nourishing liquid has the effect of oil control, stopping hair losing, nourish hair and restoring balding. It is made up of herbal medicines according to Chinese ancient formula. The ingredients include ginseng, radix salviae militiorrhizae, angelica sinensis and saline cistanche .
  • It contains various trace elements which directly impact on hair growth. These elements stimulates hair follicles to resume their function of hair growth and activate hair papilla, enabling more follicles to be generated. In few words,it has the features as follows:stop balding,secure hair,nourish hair,increase hair density, condition hair, eliminate dandruff, eliminate itchy.
  • FEATURES: -Made of natural herb medicines, healthy and safe, essential for healthy hair. -Effective product manufactured according to Chinese ancient formula, especially for long-term use. -No any side effect. -Features: stop balding, secure hair, nourish hair, increase hair density, condition hair, eliminate dandruff, eliminate itchy. -Functions:oil control, prevent alopecia, nourish hair and increase hair density. herbal expert in hair growth. -Applicable for all kinds of hair losses. -Inapplicability: People who are allergic ,Skin areas with wounds or infected. -Only for external use.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: -Ingredient: Ginseng, radix stemonae, radix salviae militiorrhizae,safflower, angelica sinensis. Quantity and capacity: 6 small bottles in a package , 50ML each single bottle. -Shelf life:3 years(Once opened, please consume within 90days) -Storage: kept in a cool and dry place -Dimension:5*10cm(bottle) 25*26*5cm(packing) -Package Weight:0.88kg
  • Package Include : 6x 50ml bottles of liquid 1x nozzle 1x English&Arabic manual In a gift box.

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